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Unsure about something? Then before you shoot off a message, check out these Frequently Asked Questions. If you still don’t have an answer for what you need then feel free to get in touch!

What if I can’t pose, will you help with that?

We will surely help you out in posing. To be well prepared for the shoot, you can practice your poses in front of the mirror or browse online for some good poses. You can e-mail to let us know which kind of poses would you like so your photographer will have a better understanding of your likings and can achieve some of the poses.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is about celebrating your beauty as a woman, and celebrating your sensuality by creating artworks that will be enjoyed for many years. Whether you are just doing it for yourself or as a gift for your husband is up to you – either way, you can create wonderful artwork!

Boudoir photo sessions are popular as a special gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary, or birthday gift for your spouse. Imagine his surprise when you give him a very sexy album all about you!

Imagine looking back at your 10-year anniversary and going through your personal Boudoir album together! It adds an extra spice and allows the memories of your time together to be more fondly idealized.

Also don’t forget that the traditional 1st Anniversary gift is paper, so photographs are the perfect option!

Can I request a female photographer?

Yes, we can provide an experience female photographer but Paul is the main photographer. We work with Paul mostly because clients feel most at ease with his professional but relaxed personality. His creative eyes always try to bring out the best in you and find the right look for any setting, but it is entirely your choice.

On top of that, you will find him an absolute gentleman in the photo session. Paul will chat with you to discuss what you like and are comfortable with, showing you examples from other photo sessions where you can point to favorite images.

However, we – and Paul – appreciates the choice of the client. If you insist on a different photographer than that won’t be an issue.

My husband would prefer to have more revealing photos in his gift. Do you do this as well?

In this website we have purposely kept this imagery very stylish and more suggestive rather than too revealing. This is mainly because we wanted to ensure that our Image did not turn into a pornography website. Whilst we don’t mind something a bit more revealing or risky, we aren’t looking to create something too adult.

Most of our clients will want to do something a little more revealing in their session and this is done with the upmost in style and presentation. If you would like to see samples of this imagery, please contact us and we can send you a password link into our private area. However, please be aware that this at our full discretion – we will vet any and all applications for visitation.

Please note this is by no means graphically sexual in nature, it is sensual nudity only.

Do you provide Hair and Makeup?

Come in with your hair clean and styled.You needs to do your own make-up and arrive to our space. Apply false lashes to enhance your eyes. Do not get in front of the camera until you are fully ready– this is our shoot, so let us know when you are you are good to go.

Carry a pair of high heels with you that goes with the outfits.

Do you provide lingerie and outfits?

  • We do have a range or props, hats, gloves, corsets, shawls, masks, chairs, materials and some lingerie here in the studio, but you can bring more personal items. Alternatively, you can purchase awesome lingerie online.

  • It is far better for you to own the lingerie and outfits anyway so that you can show off the real thing later on. There’s no point teasing a partner with a photograph if you can’t then act on that impulse later!

Do you do couples shoots?

n some circumstances the answer is yes. The focus of the boudoir session is always on the female as this is the style we have developed, and the settings are made for that feminine feel. We can incorporate your male partner into the photo session for some of the shots. Take a look at the couples’ gallery to see what we mean. It does come down to your own style and preference, but we would rather discuss it first before agreeing.

If you are after a more relaxed couple’s photography then you may like to consider booking with our parent company, ‘Paul Photos’. At Paul Photos, we love to photograph couples in our garden studio outdoors.

However, this is a more romantic and carefree style of photography and whilst at times it can be ‘intimate’, it is not what would be described as a ‘sensual’ style of imagery. If you want something more risqué then talk to us and we will see what we can do.

You can see examples of Family Image at the main gallery.

What if I don’t like the photos?

We hope this doesn’t ever happen, but if it does, please DO tell us and we will be happy to chat through the details. Usually we find that a compromise can be found. For example, if you would be happy to do so we would see if we can help by either redoing your photo session at our cost, or even refunding your money.

Your experience is of upmost importance to us, so we will do whatever it takes to make it special. All of our work is covered by a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee so if you are not happy, please inform us.