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Male Model Photo Session: Posing Men in Portraits

Posted On: October 24th, 2018

There is a basic difference between posing man vs posing a woman.

When a man thinks about the best version of himself, he doesn’t think about being pretty, cute, or showing off his nice hourglass body. A man wants to be strong, fit and tall while oozing coolness, confidence and self-control.

It is very important that your photographer has the skills to make you feel confident in front of the camera. Whether you’re experienced in front of the camera or just interested in trying something exciting and new, he should provide all the expertise and knowledge you need to stand out as the new face of men’s style as to how you can pose to get the best shots.

Male Model Photo Session

Here are a few tips to make your portrait subjects feel like models.

  • Face (Jawline): Your job as a photographer is to make sure the jawline is well defined and as angular and sharp as possible.

Eyes: You can ask your subject to do a half squint which will add a bit of mischievousness, playfulness and character to the image.

Head Tilt: Either keep the head neutral or tilt slightly away from the camera.Be mindful that tilting too much away from the camera can be perceived as being rather arrogant and a bit aggressive.

  • The Body

The ideal male body form is a V shape: broad shoulders, thin waist. Here are some tips for accentuating and defining the V shape with proper male body posing.


Shoulders should look as broad as possible. It follows that, you may want as much as you can to square the shoulders towards the camera and if possible leaning a bit towards the camera


The waist will look slimmer if the lower body does not exactly square the camera. Also, keeping the upper body closer to the camera will make the waist seem slimmer.

Posing Men in Portraits

  • Posture

Good posture is key for a good male portrait. Make sure your subject is standing tall, with shoulders up yet relaxed and keeping his core tight.


Men don’t do very well with their hands when they have nothing to do with them. You need to keep your subject’s hands busy. You need to give a man’s hand a reason for being where it is.


There are a lot of ways you can keep your legs while sitting and standing. Feel free to discuss with your photographer to let him know the kind of photos you want to shoot.

Whether it is for your partner or modelling, acting, or corporate head shots, trust your photographer as he has the experience and the skills to make sure you look your absolute best.

With  years of industry experience, Paul will work with you to create the most stunning shoot that is fully personalized for you. At Boudoir Photography Sydney no matter what kind of photography you’re after, they can cater to your needs.

You are at the right place to refresh your current portfolio with jaw-dropping images that demonstrate your versatility and personality.

Our Professional Male Model Photography Session Includes:

  • Photography by an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer
  • State of the art photographic studio
  • Latest professional camera and lighting equipment
  • Viewing of your images on the day
  • Portraits, photographs and digital available to purchase