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Boudoir Photo Session Inspiration Tips!!! What to Expect Simple Elegant

Posted On: June 19th, 2018

The elegance of the boudoir photography is unbeatable. It simply portrays the beauty of women, pride and respectful in her body. Women are the wonderful creature on this planet. She is a shapeshifter, she can be slim and beautiful, and she can get pregnant – change her shape and regain her figure after nine months. She can be plus size, she can skinny. In all form, women’s body is worship by every photographer for the individual beauty they hold. Boudoir photography is a mash-up of portraits, fine art, glamour, erotic, and fashion photography.

Boudoir is a French term coined to describe a place where women could have the privacy to spend her own time. Boudoir photography reflects the mood of the model, and also depends on the landscape of their body posture.

You need proper knowledge of photography when you are planning to get the perfect shot for the Boudoir photography. Here are few tips that can help you get the elegant yet erotic look:

  • Lenses: The longer the lens the better the photography will be. If you use 24-70 mm lens it will be best. However, you will need a large room to zoom in the model’s special attractive part for the perfect click. 24-70mm lens is a workhorse and offers you the wider scale for the perfect portrait to headshots. If you are looking for a portrait in the garden then 50mm lens will be the best and can offer you the perfect portrait. Another very important lens is the perspective control lens. As a photographer people break numerous rules to bring out the best and something unique. This lens allows you to break through the horizontal and vertical line and make sure that you get the perfect shot on the correct perspective.
  • Comfortable environment: If your model is not comfortable in the environment you are planning to work at, it becomes rather hard to get the shot. Therefore, it is suggested that you leave the model in “boudoir” to let her enjoy her privacy first. That is how you can get the perfect shot.
  • Composition: If you are arranging for boudoir photography, you will not restrict yourself to one category of poses. Therefore, you need to keep in mind the variety of background that you would like to keep while the model poses for you. When you plan to get boudoir photography in the form of fine art, you need to make use of the background, foreground and the subject to get the perfect shot.
  • Lighting: Not only boudoir but a light is one of the major factors while you are taking a snap. However, light in the boudoir photography will be different. The light that you choose should complement the woman’s posture, her mood and the props. That is when you can get the perfect shot for the boudoir fashion photography.

Boudoir Photography Sydney, as the name suggests is mainly located in Sydney. We have a team of photographers – a mash-up of seniors and junior; they expertise in getting the perfect shot for the boudoir photography. If you are willing to learn new techniques, come and join us. You can opt to be the model for us as well.